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This Green Screen Extraction Action Pack will take your compositing to new levels!  It will make it fast & easy to remove your subject from a green screen background (& blue screen too!) in Photoshop.  Plus there is an amazing add on to extract your subjects shadows for super easy and realistic compositing.  Download our Green Screen Extraction Action pack now and save yourself time!  This is way more than an action. If you want to make compositing easy then this will not only extract your subject but it will also help teach you Photoshop techniques and increase your Photoshop skills.  Take a look through our reviews and see what others love about it!

Optional Add On…

SHADOW EXTRACTION ACTION   Since the beginning of compositing one of the most time consuming parts has been connecting your subject to the new scene.  It takes finesse and skills to paint realistic shadows on the ground. If you’ve ever composited before then you know how difficult it can be. This action will change the world of compositing forever!  No longer do you have to struggle with shadows.  This action will extract your subject’s actual shadow from the green screen and allow you to easily place into a new scene.   This action includes a tutorial video demonstrating everything you need to know and giving you tips and tricks for the action.


Green Screen Extraction Action Pack for Photoshop + New Option – SHADOWS!

Green Screen Extraction Action Pack for Photoshop + New Option – SHADOWS!

From: $149