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Intensify Enhancement Action for Photoshop

Intensify Action for Photoshop + Tutorial


Earn up to $7 Game Changers Cash

Photographers have been asking me for years how I get my athletes a more graphic – intense look.  Here is the answer, my Intensify Action.  Almost 100% of my athletes have this action applied to them.  My Intensify Action adds detail and depth to subjects to help them look amazing.  No, this is not a solution for bad photography, but it will help give your images a boost.

There are three levels of the action – (compatible with CS3 through CC)

  • Intensify 100 – applies 100% of the detail to the image
  • Intensify 50 – applies 50% of detail to skin tones and 100% to clothing
  • Intensify 10 – applies 10% of detail to skin tones and 100% to clothing

This action is completely customizable and nondestructive so you can adjust any portion of it to your taste.  It will add an editable depth layer that creates more drama and allows you to to refine the light on the subject.  It also adds a detail layer that makes the athlete’s details really pop.

Included with the download is a detailed tutorial video demonstrating the ways I use my Intensify Action, the exact steps I go through, and the things I take into consideration to make my athletes look amazing.

Watch this brief preview video to get an idea of what it can do!


Photoshop CS3 and Newer

Files Included

Intensify Action for CS3-CS6 (Intensify 10, Intensify 50, Intensify 100)
Intensify Action for CC (Intensify 10, Intensify 50, Intensify 100)
Reduce Reds Action
Instructional Tutorial