What am I allowed to use the template for?

Game Changers products include a commercial license for use within a SINGLE business.  Game Changers products can be used by any person within this SINGLE business. 

Game Changers products are intended for the primary purpose of reproducing artwork to be sold by the SINGLE business to its FINAL CONSUMERS.  It is prohibited to use Game Changers products to provide a service or product to other photographers or third parties without prior written consent. 

Transferring or sub-licensing of the license is prohibited without prior written consent. 

Please contact us with any questions related to usage/licensing.

What software do I need to use the templates?

All templates and actions were designed for PC or Mac use in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer.  Many templates can work in older versions and in Adobe Elements, however most of the color changing features and some layer blending modes may not be available.

What equipment do I need to photograph subjects?

A camera 😉

Off-camera lighting will help complete the look for many of the templates, actions and brushes.  Templates do include lighting diagrams using 3-4 lights but 1-2 off camera lights and a reflector could be used for adequate results.  

A solid color background is recommended to extract your subjects.  Using a green screen provides the quickest extraction results.  Our green screen extraction action is available on our website and can help increase the quality and speed of your extractions!

Wondering what equipment was used to create the images?  Check out our Gear & Vendors page!

What size are the templates?

Detailed specs are listed on each product page.  Our high quality templates even allow for printing of large size banners!

Can I include more athletes than is shown on the template?

Yes, nearly all templates have the ability to make room for more athletes either through layering, or duplicating elements.  At Shirk Photography we encourage coaches to use the poster as a reward for those that have put in the time and effort and limit the number of athletes to just the starters/varsity letter winners/state qualifiers/seniors.

What if I have a very large team?

There are a few templates that have room to accommodate a large number of subjects but the more athletes that you include the smaller that they will be and the less room there will be for graphic elements.  Think outside the box.  Small headshots of all athetes can always be added at the bottom while using the main image area as a reward for the starter/senior athletes that have put in the time and effort.

Can I change the theme?

Yes!!!  Certainly, most templates have many different themes that would be awesome to use.  For example the Never Surrender template with wrestlers could be used for a dance team by changing the theme to Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow.  Be creative and make them whatever you want!

How do I get the fonts?

Because many fonts are from other designers we included the link to those sites where you can easily download them for free.

How do I download the file once I purchase it?

Our files are hosted by Amazon S3.  Once payment is completed you will immediately receive encrypted links to download your files.  The links will be provided on your order confirmation page & also in an email.

You can also find your downloads in your account.

How long does it take to download?

That will depend on your internet speed and the file.  Because our templates are layered PSD files and some of them include many elements some files can be quite large.For fastest results please be sure to close all other internet connections before starting the download, and only download one file at a time.

How many times can I download a file?

For your convenience, multiple download attempts are added to your account upon order placement.Please contact us if you experience difficulties downloading your product and need more attempts added.

How long do I have to download the file?

Because the inevitable may occur (you lose your files or your computer crashes) we no longer place expiration dates on your downloads.

When will I receive my Game Changers Cash?

Your Game Changers Cash will appear in your account immediately after you have placed an order.