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Green Screen Extraction Action Pack for Photoshop + New Option – SHADOWS!

If you already own the Extraction Action then simply log in to your account & select ‘Extraction Action + Shadows’ in the dropdown box below — the price for the new Shadow Action will be automatically discounted to only $49 when added to your cart!


Earn up to $20 Game Changers Cash

Want a fast & easy way to remove your subject from a green screen background (& blue screen too!) in Photoshop?  Want to extract their SHADOWS too?!? Download our extraction action pack now, save yourself time!  This is way more than an action. If you want to make compositing easy then this will not only extract your subject but it will also help teach you Photoshop techniques and increase your Photoshop skills.  Take a look through our reviews and see what others love about it!   If you are interested in learning about green screen be sure to read about it at How to Get The Best Results Using Green Screen Photography  (The Action Pack will include an in depth video tutorial)

The Green Screen Extraction Action Pack for Photoshop includes the following:


    teaching you all about how to quickly and easily extract your subjects from green screen using multiple examples with varying degrees of difficulty including long blond hair, action shots, removing halo and lots more. Never before has it been so easy to remove your subject from a green screen (or blue screen!)

  • LIGHTROOM PRESETS to instantly change the green screen background to gray while leaving your subject in full color!  This is very useful when previewing images to clients….  It gives your green screen images a classic look without having to extract. (How to load and use LR presets tutorial included)

  • HOW TO LIGHT GREEN SCREEN TUTORIAL VIDEO.  Tips, tricks and suggestions for green screen set up, lighting, positioning and more to get the best results.

  • GREEN SCREEN EXTRACTION ACTION.  Easily extract your subjects from a green screen with the push of a button.  Includes optional refinement steps for super detailed extractions.  The action will also automatically remove green spill from your subject.

  • BLUE SCREEN EXTRACTION ACTION. All the options for using green screen extraction action except you can also use a blue screen background.

  • QUICK EXTRACTION ACTION for volume photographers who use blue or green screen backgrounds.

  • DROPLET EXTRACTION ACTION. This allows you to extract an entire folder of green screen subjects while you are getting a cup of coffee. (Droplet Tutorial Video Included)

  • EDGE REMOVAL ACTION. This action will instantly remove that pesky halo that can sometimes appear around the edge of your extraction while allowing you to keep any important details like eyelashes or wispy hair.

  • EXTRACTION HELPER ACTION. (for Photoshop CC) This action will assist you in extracting a subject from nearly any background.  Solid backgrounds, textured backgrounds, or even a portrait in the middle of the street, this action will help select your subject for extraction.

Optional Add On…

SHADOW EXTRACTION ACTION   Since the beginning of compositing one of the most time consuming parts has been connecting your subject to the new scene.  It takes finesse and skills to paint realistic shadows on the ground. If you’ve ever composited before then you know how difficult it can be. This action will change the world of compositing forever!  No longer do you have to struggle with shadows.  This action will extract your subject’s actual shadow from the green screen and allow you to easily place into a new scene.   This action includes a tutorial video demonstrating everything you need to know and giving you tips and tricks for the action.

Watch this brief preview video to see how fast the extraction action works!


Photoshop CS3 and Newer, Mac, PC

Files Included with Extraction Action

CC Extraction Action.atn
Tutorial Green Screen Extraction CC.mp4
Extraction Action CS4-CS6.atn
Extraction CS3.atn
Tutorial Green Screen Extraction CS3, CS4-CS6.mp4
Droplet Action for CC.atn
Droplet action for CS4-CS6.atn
Droplet Action Tutorial.mp4
green screen gone.lrt
green screen on.lrt
Using Green Screen LR Presets.mp4
Edge Removal Small.atn
Edge Removal Standard.atn
How To Light Green Screen.mp4

Files Included with Shadows

CC Extraction Action with Shadows
CC Tutorial for Extraction Action + Shadows
CS4-CS6 Extraction Action with Shadows
CS4-CS6 Tutorial for Extraction Action + Shadows