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Water Couture for Photoshop + Tutorials


Earn up to $20 Game Changers Cash

PS Water Effects Brushes

We’ve spent months creating the most useful, the most versatile, and the most unique water brush set available anywhere.   Now you too can have the most realistic, easy to use WATER BRUSHES available!  The creative possibilities of these brushes are completely addicting.  Ben’s uses these on every athlete he can think of – from track stars to basketball players, weight lifters to dancers, and everything in between.   Organized and labeled in four distinct categories:

  • 14 Body Splash Effects Brushes – Large splashes moving in multiple directions. Great for layering around bodies.
  • 17 Ground Effects Brushes – Everything from small drips to large ground splashes and even surface ripples. Perfect for the ground near a jumping, running, or moving athlete.
  • 11 Water Drops Effects Brushes – Use these as a finishing layer around and on top of your subject. Includes three different rain brushes.
  • 26 Water Effect Splashes –  These can go anywhere and everywhere. Use to convey motion and movement, stack, warp and play!
  • BONUS!  65 Water Overlays/Textures
  • BONUS!  Reflection Action
  • BONUS!  12 Custom Color Toning Styles – Unique Photoshop styles to help you quickly add color to your water projects.  These styles help make the highlights and unique color fluctuations that are very difficult to create just by stamping a solid color.
  • BONUS!  20 Minute Tutorial with tips, tricks & suggestions on how to use the Water Effects Brushes and styles!

PS Water Couture Dresses

The newest, hottest photography must-have ever!  Amazing custom water dresses to add to your subjects in Photoshop… take your images to the next level!  The dresses come as layered PSD documents with blending modes so that your subject shows through just like real water.  Each dress also has it’s own hue/saturation adjustment layer to modify the color to your needs.  The super high resolution dresses can be sized and warped to fit almost any subject…  little girls, seniors, dancers, cheerleaders, boudoir or any subject you dream up!

  • Dior Dress
  • Vera Dress 
  • Friday Night Dress
  • Tiffany Dress
  • Vuitton Dress
  • The Tutu
  • BONUS!  40 Minute Tutorial showing you just how Ben’s water dance images were created and detailed tips and techniques to help you create your own awesome water dress images.

Click on the video for a preview of some of the amazing possibilities!

Download & start playing today…  Warning!  Side effects likely to include addiction, awesome images, and clients demanding sessions with these.


Water Brushes: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Water Dresses: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 6 and Newer, Mac, PC

Water Brushes Detail

Brush Set CS5 & Below – up to 2500 pixels
Brush Set CS6 & Up – up to 4800 pixels
13 Custom Water FX Styles
65 Water Texture Overlays
35 Minute Tutorial
Reflection Action

Water Dresses Detail

Dior Dress (6000 x 5368 pixels)
Vera Dress (4800 x 4556 pixels)
Friday Night Dress (3900 x 6600 pixels)
Tiffany Dress (5700 x 4217 pixels)
Vuitton Dress (4500 x 3000)
The Tutu (4800 x 5455 pixels)
41 Minute Tutorial
Reflection Action