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Complete Senior Portrait System


Earn up to $70 Game Changers Cash

We’ve spent 1000’s of hours researching, testing & refining to create just the right system to help educate our clients and prepare them to invest in quality portrait art.  Reinventing the wheel is difficult… but now here is your opportunity to take advantage of all our efforts and save yourself lots of time and headache!!!

Our complete system with just the right wording & terms to create happier, more prepared clients whom are ready to invest in your portraits.

Fully customizable layered PSD files with easy to use clipping masks ready for your images!
NEW bonus layers of tips & suggestions throughout the guides!
For use by Professional Photographers


Experience Guide –  Our detailed Experience Guide will walk your client through each step of the portrait experience & defines all studio policies. We use the guide to fully educates our clients on what happens through each step of their portrait experience & prepares them to invest more because they know what to expect!  This starts with an artfully crafted “why us” page and explains all of things our clients need to know to be prepared and comfortable.  The guide includes information like our session fees, copyright policy, what clients can expect during the order session, when and how they receive their portraits, why it benefits them to finalize their order at their order session and so much more. Now includes new bonus layers of tips & suggestions (labeled in red) explaining to you why we set specific things up that way and how it benefits our studio! Just turn on the tips layer to see why, then shut off that layer to print for your clients.

Pricing Guide – Our pricing guide contains all of our products and pricing information.  Our system is a build your own collection (ala-carte system) so clients get to pick out what they want and get everything they need.  However we have specific sections of products that clients need to select from in order to get discounts which ensures a minimum amount just like package pricing. Unlike package pricing however, which greatly limits what your clients will spend, with our system clients will continue picking out products and spending as long as you have portraits to show.  Which means higher sales!   The guide includes new bonus layers of tips & suggestions that explains why we have our guide laid out the way we do and how we use it to sell! The catalogue is fully customizable and has layered psd files with easy to use clipping masks.  Just replace our studio information with yours and insert your own client images.  Of course you can tweak or change any pricing to fit your studio.

How to Prepare Guide –  We send this out to all of our seniors when they schedule a session.  This helps give them a timeline of things that they need to start thinking about so that they arrive at our studio prepared and ready to go.  Complete timeline with everything your seniors need to know to get ready for their portrait session! This includes hair and makeup tips, clothing tips, do’s and don’ts plus how to make sure they have everything they will want for their session.

Our Phone Script – Start educating your clients & preparing them to spend more in your first phone conversation!   Do you know what the first question your clients will ask?  Do you have a great response ready?  You need to!  This is our phone script which we use whenever a client calls on the phone.   It is very important when talking to a potential client that you first create excitement for your studio, show them you care and then explain your pricing, policies and procedures.  We’ve organized our script to ensure our clients are excited, prepared and ready to book a session.

Senior Reservation Form – Once we have booked a session it is very important that we know all about what our client wants.  With this form we collect all the important information that helps give us unique and fun ideas for their session.  This gives us information from everything like birthdays, to how we can tag them in social media, their confidences and their concerns and much much more.  We have all of our legal, copyright, and model releases included that the client will sign before the session so their session is all about having fun.  This guide also includes a vastly important check list that ensures that our clients have seen and read our polices and understand our pricing.  We are very open and honest with all that we do and give our clients every opportunity to be prepared.  However if you have been in business for any amount of time you will know sometime people don’t like to read.  This vital checklist insures that they have seen everything they need and if there is ever any client objections to our polices or procedures then we simply have to ask what we could have done differently.

Client Satisfaction Survey – The job doesn’t end after you’ve printed and delivered the client portraits. You have one more vital thing to do.  It is important to your business to know what your clients love and what could be done better to give them an amazing experience.  This form is the perfect way to gather testimonials for your business & honest client feedback to help your business grow.

Payment Plan Contract – Our clients invest a lot in amazing artwork.  However not everyone can pay right away.  Our payment plan offers our clients an interest free  opportunity to extend their payments to be able to afford exactly what they want.  However when doing this, it is very important to collect all the information you need to get paid.  This form ensures you have all the necessary information to get your payment.  With this form we have never had to worry about a client not completing their payment plan.



Our confirmation and reminder emails that go out to clients when they schedule a session.

Order bonuses and checklist – A checklist that confirms the bonuses a client will be receiving for their order.  It also restate our policies, copyright and model release information.

Workflow checklist – The checklist we use to keep track of the order, where it is at and when things need to be done by.


Photoshop CS3 and Newer, Mac, PC

Products Included

Experience Guide
Product Catalogue
Preparing for Your Portrait Session Guide
Phone Script
Reservation Form
Payment Plan Contract
Client Satisfaction Survey

Bonuses Included

Portrait & Ordering Session Confirmation and Reminder Emails
Client Letter to Mail with Guides
Proselect Order Message Reiterating Bonus Gifts & Policies… to be signed at Order Session
Workflow Checklists