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Senior Portrait Product Catalogue


What you do is valuable and you deserve to get paid for it.  This is our pricing guide that has all of our products and pricing information.  Our system is a build your own collection (ala-carte system) so clients get to pick out what they want and get everything they need.  However we have specific sections of products that clients need to select from in order to get discounts which ensures a minimum amount just like package pricing. Unlike package pricing however, which greatly limits what your clients will spend, with our system clients will continue picking out products and spending as long as you have portraits to show.  Which means higher sales!   The guide includes new bonus layers of tips & suggestions that explains why we have our guide laid out the way we do and how we use it to sell! The catalogue is fully customizable and has layered psd files with easy to use clipping masks.  Just replace our studio information with yours and insert your own client images.  Of course you can tweak or change any pricing to fit your studio.

Earn up to $24 Game Changers Cash


Photoshop CS and Newer, Mac, PC